The World has changed fundamentally.

And it doesn’t look like we’ll be going backwards. Regardless of the level and experience, educators need to adapt and grow in the digital era. 

The people who built online presence and reputation have been the strongest in the business world during the most difficult times.

It’s time to finally take control back and build the online presence you deserve.

Introducing Bloom Mentorship

Hi, I am Anna, the founder of Piano Bloom society and the Elite Piano Institute - the top music school in Los Angeles. In the last two years, I have helped 100+ music teachers just like you to build an online presence and bring their reputation to the next level.


When I started my teaching career I had to learn everything from scratch, and I wish I had a mentor who would guide me along the way. My success journey would have been much smoother, and it would have saved me years. 


I know what it takes to build from zero because I have been there myself. 

In our 1:1 customized coaching sessions, we will go over everything that you need to know to finally take you off the ground.

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Why building an online presence is a must? 

It boosts your reputation and helps to build trust


It helps you find and communicate with your ideal client


It makes you show up as an expert in your field


Your presence is how you tell your ideal client who you are, what you do, and how you help them.

Think about it… how do you search for products and services from people these days?

You come across them on google.


Imagine if a high-paying client is looking for a service and put yourself in his shoes. Now answer a simple question - would you buy from yourself?


Here is the thing, if you want the best client, you have to build a strong presence and reputation.

If you want to expand your business and build trust, you need to get seen on people’s screens so you can increase your impact and income; this is exactly how I communicated my message with potential clients at My school Elite Piano Institute, and I am going to share the exact plan that I followed. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.

Building reputation and authority is your impact strategy.

For years, it has been believed that Music teachers have to stay quiet and modest. If you are not a world-renowned performing artist, you don't deserve attention, publicity, and success. Being unseen and unknown became a norm in our niche.

But look, don't you think it is ridiculous to spend years and money getting a music degree to finally realize that actually nobody cares how good you are?
Who said success is reserved only for artists, public figures, and TV stars? It’s available to you, too, if you are looking to create your version of success. 


Stop Watching Everyone Else Succeed. Claim It For Yourself .

You know you’re meant for more, BUT...

- the idea of doing it is confusing, overwhelming, and uncomfortable?

- You want to become an expert, but your brain is exploding with self-limiting beliefs?

 - Want to stand out among your competitors but don't know where to start?

 - You need to position yourself in the market, but don't have the right tools?

I hear you. And I am here for you.

Let me guess...

You are saying you've tried everything

Relying solely on word of mouth strategy

Creating random posts on Facebook or Instagram

Printing thousands of fliers and asking your friends to distribute them among their friends 

Trying to consume and rely on free content online

or, you have actually seen some results, but you are not at the place where you are meant to be


If things haven’t been working out for you so far, it’s because...

 You're working without a roadmap

Fear of judgment is keeping you stuck

You feel frustrated comparing yourself to others

You gave up too early, letting the fear of   failure get to you

You are afraid to get out of your comfort zone


 Young Woman Contemplating

Can You Relate?

So, How is it going to work?

There is a secret roadmap that most entrepreneurs and public figures have been using for years, and I’m opening it up for you. Just like becoming a good performer or a pedagogue...there’s a system that you follow to get your results. You need to practice, apply at the university, take classes, pass the exams, and finally, you have the degree. 
Yes, it takes time, hard work, and focus… but you know that you can make it happen if you work towards your goal. Am I right? 

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Become one of the happy mentees that  already succeed

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What is Bloom Mentorship?

Bloom Mentorship is a coaching program designed exclusively for music teachers aspiring to unleash their potential, leading them towards professional growth and success. Through our proactive Elite Success coaching, you will develop the essential skills very much needed in this highly competitive world and find the right strategies for your teaching career, including building an online presence, boosting reputation, Advising on Managing social media, Setting your Tuition Rates, Communication with clients, and more.


Should I prepare for the session? 

Our 1:1 coaching sessions are tailored to YOU. First, you’ll receive a questionnaire so I can get a better understanding of your struggles, focuses, and goals. 


How do I schedule my call

You’ll pick a date and time for our 1-hour Zoom session. You’ll be given a link to join our call after you’ve booked. During our call, we’ll go over anything and everything you want. Be sure to show up with a pen and paper!

Are you going to analyze my presence?

Yes, I’ll perform an audit and make suggestions on how to optimize your digital presence and overall reputation. This will also give me an idea of what’s working and what’s not for you.

Can I book more sessions as a package?

Yes, You have an option to book one single session or a package of 4 sessions at a discounted price.


How much does it cost?

Today, you can book your call for one payment of $197 or can book a package of 4 sessions for $597 ( save $192 )

Can I reschedule my session?

You can reschedule your session with advanced notice of 24 hours. A refund will not be provided if you miss your call.


Will I have support after the call?

Absolutely! 2 weeks after our session, I’ll check in with you to see how things are going and answer any questions you might have about your new strategy.

It’s time to reach your highest potential and own your future. Are you ready?