attention music teachers and aspiring coaches:

The secret to building a successful Music Studio is Discipline and having a great Contract. 

Elevate your reputation and build respect without spending hours writing your policy. It's already done for you.

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Are you tired of last-minute cancellations and no-shows?


Do you have to remind your students about COVID-19 guidelines and regulations constantly?


Missed payments and disrespect is your reality?

If this sounds familiar, then keep reading. 

Teaching doesn't have to be a struggle. Let's make it a goal to discipline your clients before they drive you crazy. 

Bloom Policy Guide - 

Your Time Saver


Having a good contract is a MUST if you want to build authority in your class.

When I just started my teaching career 18 years ago it was a total mess...

You know students and their parents can be very annoying. They don't care about your values, your time, they are trying to break your professional boundaries... 

But it shouldn't be that way. Ever. 

I  have never made — and will never make — my success a secret.

Piano Bloom_edited.jpg

The experience that I have gained over the years of my Elite Piano Institute business operation is huge, so I decided to share it with other music educators (just like you) and created this gem - The Bloom Policy Guide, to help You avoid the mistakes and help you build the studio that you can be proud of.

How The Bloom Policy helps You


The Policy gets you and your client on the same page.
Before you start working with a student, you want to ensure you both have the same expectations around the relationship and your work.
It protects you and your business.
What will you do if your service provider misses a scheduled appointment? How often and by what method will you and your student communicate? When and how will the payment occur?



Gives you a strong appearance


Having a well-drafted, tailored agreement will make a great impression on any prospective client. It shows you are a legitimate business and displays diligence and attention to detail in your work. 

If You...

Are tired of dealing with toxic clients who only give headaches?

Wish to improve discipline in your teaching environment?

Want to sign respectful, responsible, and diligent students?

Ready to bring your business to the next level?

Here you have it!